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Introducing Gasket

Framework Maker for JavaScript Applications

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What is Gasket?

Gasket helps teams and communities compose frameworks to deliver apps of various shapes and sizes. While scaffolding is important, Gasket offers functionality beyond simple boilerplate generation. Gasket also provides the essential elements for libraries and layers of apps to integrate together during runtime.

How it works

These are the essential elements of Gasket, which are used to assemble robust frameworks and work together to power apps. Browse the docs to learn more about these elements and how they can be used.


CLI loads configured Presets and Plugins

The entry point to creating and interacting with apps. The CLI provides the frame and engine upon which apps are built.


Presets provide Plugins

Logical groups of plugins to build apps. Tech choices for teams, integrations for communities. Effectively, the framework you want to build apps within.


Plugins add Commands & Hooks

The building blocks of an app framework - plugins provide the scaffolding and circuitry to integrate libraries and have them communicate together.


Commands execute Lifecycles

Build and start your app. Analyze it, or read the docs. Just a few commands you can execute with available plugins, or create your own.


Lifecycles handled by Hooks

The nervous system to transmit signals between parts of apps. Not your typical events; lifecycles can be handled in order and executed in sync.


Hooks execute additional Lifecycles

Receptors to handle lifecycle events and perform the actual work of integrating libraries and implementing application code.


Libraries and features are made available for use in your frameworks in the form of plugins. We have plugins for several well known libraries and essential features to get started with much more to come.

See the full list and also how you can contribute!