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Helper package for accessing embedded Gasket Data in the browser.


npm i @gasket/data


This helper is intended for use in conjunction with Gasket Data embedded in a script tag in the HTML document.

For example, if the following data is rendered...

<script id="GasketData" type="application/json">{ "something": "interesting" }</script>

...then it would be accessible as:

import gasketData from '@gasket/data';

console.log(gasketData.something); // interesting

Note that @gasket/data is only expected to be used in the browser, and not in server-side code.

Adding Data

To add to the data exposed in @gasket/data, you can write to the HTTP response object's locals.gasketData property. For example, when using the middleware lifecycle in a plugin:

module.exports = {
hooks: {
middleware(gasket, app) {
return (req, res, next) => {
res.locals.gasketData = res.locals.gasketData || {};
res.locals.gasketData.example = { fake: 'data' };

The results of res.locals.gasketData should then be rendering in a script as described above. Similarly, this can be done in an application lifecycle script:

// /lifecycles/middleware.js

module.exports = (gasket, app) => [
(req, res, next) => {
res.locals.gasketData ??= {};
res.locals.gasketData.example = gasket.config.somethingWeWantToExpose;