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Creates a cypress based testing environment for your Gasket application.


This plugin should only be used during the create command for new apps.

gasket create <app-name> --plugins @gasket/plugin-cypress


When you create a new gasket application that is configured with the cypress plugin it will prepare it with a cypress based testing environment. It will add the following scripts to the package.json:

NOTE: before running npm run cypress or npm run cypress:headless, you should first start the server in a separate tab. Before starting the server for the first time, you must run gasket build/npm run build in order for things to work properly.

  • npm run cypress, opens the Cypress Test Runner and uses the default configuration values from cypress.config.js, which uses all tests specified in the tests folder
  • npm run cypress:headless runs all cypress tests to completion. the cypress tests must be located in the test folder or whatever folder value is set for integrationFolder in the cypress.config.js config
  • npm run e2e starts the Next.js production server in conjunction with opening the Cypress Test Runner
  • npm run e2e:headless Same as npm run e2e, but runs the cypress tests to completion in the command line