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Creates a mocha, nyc, sinon, chai based testing environment for your Gasket application.


This plugin should only be used during the create command for new apps.

gasket create <app-name> --plugins @gasket/plugin-mocha


When you create a new gasket application that is configured with the mocha plugin it will prepare it with a mocha based testing environment. It will add the following scripts to the package.json:

  • npm test, Runs the .test.js files in your test folder and generates coverage information of each of the files you test.
  • npm run test:runner Same as npm test, but without coverage information.
  • npm run test:watch Same as npm run test:runner but now watches your tests and automatically re-runs the tests when changes are detected.

The following test utilities are included:

  • chai Installed as default assertion framework using the expect syntax.
  • sinon Create spies, stubs and mocks.
  • enzyme Easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components.

The tests are automatically processed with babel using the .babelrc that is in the root of your application. We've also configured enzyme for the latest support React, and prepared the test environment with jsdom so you can use the mount functionality of enzyme.