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Creates a jest with enzyme based testing environment for your Gasket application.


This plugin should only be used during the create command for new apps.

gasket create <app-name> --plugins @gasket/plugin-jest


When you create a new Gasket application that is configured with the jest plugin it will prepare it with a jest based testing environment. It will add the following scripts to the package.json:

  • npm test, Runs the files matching default jest glob pattern, i.e. includes files from tests folder and all *.test.js or *.spec.js files.
  • npm run test:watch Same as npm test but now watches your tests and automatically re-runs the tests when changes are detected.
  • npm run test:coverage Same as npm test, but generates coverage information for all the files matching the collectCoverageFrom pattern in jest.config.js file.

enzyme is included with this plugin, which makes it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components.