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Enables code style linting to be configured for Gasket apps.


This plugin should only be used during the create command for new apps.

gasket create <app-name> --plugins @gasket/plugin-lint

Ideally, and for the most part, this plugin should already be included with primary presets, so that the --plugins flag is not needed. See the Presets section below to learn how preconfigure a code style.


The features of this plugin hooks are in the lifecycles it hooks during the create process.


During the create process, this plugin will prompt for selections to help choose the linting configuration.

Which code style do you want configured?

Choices are:

  • GoDaddy
  • Standard
  • Airbnb
  • other - This allows manual eslint-config entry in the following prompt.
  • none - This exits the create hook for the plugin.

What is the name of the eslint config?

If the code style chosen is other, the plugin will then prompt for the name of an ESLint shared config.

Do you want stylelint configured?

Some code style allow for stylelint to also be configured. Choose yes to include config for it, also.

What is the name of the stylelint config?

If the previous prompt was yes, and the chosen code style is other, the plugin will then prompt for the name of an ESLint stylelint shared config.


Once completed, additional scripts will be added to the app's package for linting; lint or stylelint or both. These can be run individually, and also a posttest script is added so that linting will automatically run after npm test or yarn test.

In the postCreate stage of the create command, the lint:fix script will be run which will attempt to fixup any generated files to match the code style. Sometimes, additional fixup may be required by the user, depending on the code style and generated content. In these cases, a note will be added to the warnings section of the create report display in the terminal.

Code Styles


GoDaddy JavaScript Style

When choosing godaddy as the codeStyle, the eslint config will set up based on what other packages are added for the app. These include react, flow, react + flow, or otherwise just the base.


JavaScript Standard Style

This will install the standard node binary and use it in the lint scripts. There is no Standard stylelint config at this time.


Airbnb JavaScript Style

When choosing airbnb as the codeStyle, the eslint config will set up based on if react package is added for the app or not. If react is not present, the base airbnb config will be used.


To add this plugin to a preset, simply install it as a dependency.

npm i @gasket/plugin-lint

Presets can also pre-determine the code style to use. This is useful for teams to avoid prompts and enforce a particular code style setup. This can be done in the module for the preset, under a createContext property.


  • codeStyle - (string) One of the choices of code styles:
    • godaddy
    • standard
    • airbnb
  • addStylelint - (boolean) Enable to add stylelint for the codeStyle if set.
  • eslintConfig - (string) Name of a ESLint shared config to add. Only when no codeStyle.
  • stylelintConfig - (string) Name of a stylelint shared config to add. Only when no codeStyle.

For example, say we have some team that wants to always use Airbnb style and with stylelint for their apps:

// @some/gasket-preset-team-one.js
module.exports = {
createContext: {
codeStyle: 'airbnb',
addStylelint: true

Or, say we have another team with an internal ESLint config

// @some/gasket-preset-team-two.js
module.exports = {
createContext: {
eslintConfig: '@another/eslint-config'


If there is an important and widely used code style that you feel would be a good addition to the default choices of Code Styles, reach out or submit a PR with your suggestion.